Attorney Blanchard is an experienced felony trial attorney.  A former police officer, and felony prosecutor, Attorney Blanchard has over 20 years of experience in criminal law in New Hampshire.  He has handled thousands of felony criminal cases, and has won over 100 jury trials.  He has the knowledge of how the State builds its case, and the experience to dismantle it to your benefit.

Attorney Blanchard handles all criminal cases, but primarily focuses his practice on felonies, including Sexual Assaults, Domestic Assaults, Assaults, Homicides, Drug cases, Felony Motor Vehicle offenses, White Collar and Computer crimes, Child Sexual Abuse/Pornography cases, and Juvenile prosecutions.  Additionally, he represents witnesses and targets of Grand Jury Investigations, as well as post-conviction appeals to the Supreme Court, Motions for New Trials, and Habeas Corpus proceedings.

Widely regarded by his peers as one of the best criminal trial attorneys in the State, Attorney Blanchard has the relationships and drive to help resolve your case with the best possible outcome.  He will handle your case professionally, and with maximum effort, and will work closely with you throughout the pendency of your case.  Attorney Blanchard knows that it is very stressful to be charged with a crime, let him stand by your side and help you through it.

Attorney Blanchard was born and raised in Manchester, and he and his wife, Jackie, have six children and live in the Concord area.